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An engineer with traditional, Western common sense

solving problems, creating opportunities, championing freedom



“I seek to bring in a leadership and vision based on coming from the real world, where we make things better not make things harder.”

“After 25 yrs. as a project manager, engineer, financial manager, and family man, I have learned an important lesson.  Whether I’m meeting with a CFO in a board room, working with a construction professional on a jobsite, or helping my wife with her business or our family, I am not the guy with all the answers.  Instead, I’m the guy who can listen, understand, and work hard to discover those answers and solve problems.”

The right private sector experience for effective public service

  • Actually creates jobs and understands making payroll
  • Longtime small business owner
  • Knows budgeting and the 'bottom line'
  • Brings over 20 Years experience in capital investment, and, project, construction, and financial management
  • Has developed, evaluated, and managed $MM projects with positive return on investment
  • Experienced with procurement and negotiation



B.S. Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC
M.B.A. (Marketing) University of Colorado, Denver, CO
M.S. Finance University of Colorado, Denver, CO
Graduate work, Political Science, University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO

Graduate work, Economics, University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO

...from Nashville, Tennessee.  Now a Colorado resident for 18 years; Centennial resident for 12 years.


Married to a beautiful and talented wife for 23 years with three wonderful children. We are members of and attend Mass at Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Parish.

Activities - Interests - Hobbies...
youth soccer and basketball coach (yes, regrettably like in the movie "Kicking and Screaming"), energy issues, economics, literary interpretation, finance theory, political science, Colorado railroad history, the L&N Railroad, continuing education, skiing, tennis, golf, watching college basketball and professional football, fishing, and following my kids' activities.

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