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An engineer with traditional, Western common sense

solving problems, creating opportunities, championing freedom


Comments from education and business experts and professionals that support Jack's skills, perspective, and POSITIVE approach...

“Jack wants to make certain that every child in Colorado gets a great education. Jack understands that when it comes to academics, no two children learn the same way. Parents know what is best when it comes to choosing the school that meets their child's needs.” - Ms. Nancy Spence, former Member/President of the Cherry Creek Schools Board of Education

“Jack understands our obligation to provide our next generation with the necessary knowledge, skills, values and abilities for personal success, a vibrant economy, and the stewardship of our Colorado.” - Ms. Dorothy Gotlieb, Member/Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education, and Member/President of the Denver Board of Education.

"Jack knows the challenges faced by those in public administration charged with meeting budgets, making necessary capital spending decisions, building infrastructure and maintaining it. Now as a small business owner in Centennial, I believe his ability to ask the right questions and propose innovative solutions presents as an asset to the community." - Ms. Peggy Catlin, former Deputy Executive Director, Colorado Department of Transportation

"Jack understands the 'business' of government and what it takes to attract and retain companies, evaluate projects and maintain a healthy economy. He emphasizes investment return first. That brings honesty into the discussion before emotional, aesthetic, political, and style concerns are addressed."  - Mr. John Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, 401(k) Specialist Magazine


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Fmr. Senator David Balmer - District 27 (Centennial)

Mr. Thomas Kim
Fmr. Senator Nancy Spence - District 27 (Centennial) and previously Member Cherry Creek School Board

Mr. Braiden Darley
Ms. Sue Bosier, Former Councilwoman, District 2 for the City of Centennial, Colorado.

Mr. John Sullivan

Fmr. Representative Spencer Swalm - District 37 (Centennial)
Fmr. Representative Dorothy Gotlieb and previously Member/Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education, and Member/President of the Denver Board of Education
Fmr. Representative Lauri (Clapp) Welch - District 37 (Centennial)

Mr. David Schlatter

Colorado Medical Society
Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (State Chamber of Commerce)
National Federation of Independent Business
Colorado Health Care Association
Colorado Dental Association
Colorado Association of Realtors
Colorado Contractors Association
Associated General Contractors of Colorado
Colorado Association of Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors
American Subcontractors Association of Colorado
American Institute of Architects Colorado
American Council of Engineering Companies - Colorado
Colorado Independent Automobile Dealers Association
Colorado Bankers Association
Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Colorado
Colorado Advocates for Rural Electrification
Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants
Commercial Real Estate Development Association

Colorado Motor Carriers Association


"We look for candidates that have the critical experience in business, leadership in the community, and commitment to a fiscally responsible approach when considering legislation.   There is only one candidate that embodies all of these and that is Jack Tate. We appreciate a legislator with private sector business experience that understands the costs and consequences with how legislation will impact our businesses and affect good jobs in Colorado. When it comes to protecting jobs for hard-working Coloradans and creating a business friendly environment, we’re going with experience and capability. Jack has that traditional, Western common sense approach that one would expect from an engineer and project manager. That’s why we’re endorsing Jack Tate."

Sheriff David Walcher, Arapahoe County

Ms. Nancy Doty, Member of the Arapahoe County Board of Commissioners, Representing District 1

Ms. Nancy Sharpe, Member of the Arapahoe County Board of Commissioners, Representing District 2

Ms. Kathy Turley, Councilwoman, District 1 for the City of Centennial
Ms. Carrie Penaloza, Councilwoman, District 2 for the City of Centennial

Ms. Doris Truhlar, Councilwoman, District 2 for the City of Centennial
Mr. Mark Gotto, Councilman, District 3 for the City of Centennial
Mr. Ken Lucas, Councilman, District 3 for the City of Centennial
Ms. Stephanie Piko, Councilwoman, District 4 for the City of Centennial

Also former elected officials and members of the Centennial and Cherry Creek Community

Arapahoe County and Centennial Elected Officials Endorse SENATOR JACK TATE!