I will work hard to make it easier for small businesses, improve the economy, and create an environment that creates jobs.  I will stop egregious regulations and tax policies that negatively shape our economic health.

*Endorsed by Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry
*Endorsed by National Federation of Independent Business


I will work hard to put kids first, to get more money to the classroom, and to empower families to meet the needs of their children. I will continue to find ways to lower education costs to students and families. 

*Legislator of the Year — University of Colorado
*Policy Leader Award — Colorado Association of School Executives (K-12)


I will work hard in continuing to make law enforcement a priority at the State Capitol. I will ensure that our first responders, prosecutors, and mental health professionals are equipped to keep our neighborhoods and communities safe.

*Endorsed by Arapahoe County Sheriff David Walcher and District Attorney George Brauchler
*100% Legislator—Mental Health Colorado


I will work hard to address the problem of rising healthcare premiums.  We are discovering that the new health care laws are incredibly expensive and administratively inefficient.  I have heard hundreds of stories from small business owners and professionals whose family discretionary spending has been destroyed by these mandates. I will fight to protect them and to reverse the damage.
*Endorsed by Colorado Medical Society
*Endorsed by Colorado Dental Association
*Endorsed by Colorado Health Care Association


I will work hard to ensure that our highways and bridges get the attention that they need.  I will continue to support legislation that will extend Bonds that will enable us to fast-track construction of critical road, bridge and transit projects. 

*Endorsed by Colorado Motor Carriers Association
*Endorsed by American Council of Engineering Companies - Colorado


I will work hard to maintain the continued development of ALL of Colorado’s natural resources.   The 'All of the Above' approach makes sense for the Colorado economy as well as for energy independence.  As an engineer and project analyst, I know the intense education and training to which many of our energy industry professionals have committed themselves.  I support these professionals, many of whom work to improve energy efficiency - which was a main component of my career.   Being efficient with costly resources is the best approach to accomplish goals and help our economy.


I will work hard to ensure that our individual rights guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution are protected in Colorado.  This includes our first, second and fourth amendment rights that protect our free society.  I am particularly concerned about recent attempts to silence free speech and censor information that go against the spirit of the 1st Amendment. 

*Champion for Democracy Award - Colorado Common Cause
*Endorsed by Constitutional Colorado


What can we do at the State level to support business, create good jobs, and make the entire State more financially sound?
Imagine how much more opportunity we'd have if Colorado's economy and industries were not so caught up in the government regulations, complicated mandates, and confusing taxes that defy common sense...many of them courtesy of the federal government of course.

In my time as a small business owner, I have always felt that Coloradans want good jobs that have growth potential and offer the pay and benefits to support a family.

As an engineer, I look first to our natural resources industries to form a bedrock of jobs and opportunity upon which other sectors develop.  I also recognize the importance of our key industries: agriculture, tourism, technology.

I also look to small businesses, unfettered by cynical taxes, regulations and fees, as the means in which capital and wealth is distributed throughout the economy.  Small businesses have gotten pummeled by Obamacare -- one of my goals is to reverse that damage.

Small business and families are the true building blocks of our economy and our society. I am working against cynical wrong-headed laws that cause them harm.


What can we do to make sure K-12 and Higher Education in Colorado delivers for our kids?
Imagine how much better our education outcomes could be if we moved from talking about merely ‘more’ money for education and actually looked at where we are investing the billions we already spend.

It is our responsibility to provide our children with the necessary ideals, skills, and knowledge for personal success. An educated community leads to a vibrant economy and true stewardship of our republic.  The Cherry Creek and Littleton School Districts have been a success story for decades and offer a model for other school districts.

One key area of focus is to maintain a posture of investment in education.  We spend a great deal on education and should be getting the most for that investment.

We need to work hard to make sure education spending is going into classroom instruction and efforts that advance learning.

 The second key area of focus is protecting our schools and teachers from the deleterious effects of state and/or national, unfunded, one-size-fits-all mandates and onerous testing regimes which strip away critical instruction time. 

We need a vibrant educational system under local governance; one with a pro-education culture that embraces intellectual diversity, safeguards Western civilization, and eschews those federally mandated regimes which do not provide quality education for the next generation but instead just add to administrative costs.

My Guiding Views

Traditional, Western Common Sense and Caring

Our community is made up of many different types of people with many talents. That’s a good thing. It makes our culture rich.
What we share is a Western sensibility around independence and neighbor-to-neighbor caring. I believe we want a community that values each individual and allows each of us to live a life of our choosing.

Here are some views that guide my approach to my work in the State Senate:

  • There is a proper and best role of government.
  • We must seek thoughtful solutions as opposed to making 'pie in the sky' promises.  We should ask that of all politicians.
  • We must protect individual liberties, and we do that by assessing the impact of the proposed legislation on your personal freedoms.
  • We must consider the future impact of proposed legislation on our children and grandchildren.
  • We must determine the cost and burden of proposed legislation and weigh it against the benefits to taxpayers and the community. Tax dollars belong to the people, not the government.
  • We should follow quantitative reasoning and eschew emotional, misleading narratives.

Issues in Colorado

Economists tell us 80-90,000 people move to Colorado every year. This beautiful state is a big draw to folks from all across the county.
But our growing population is putting pressure on our infrastructure. More applicants for every job, more children in our schools, increasing costs of housing, more people in the health care system, and more pressure on our roads and systems. How can we manage better?

For me, that starts with supporting our economy to create jobs, attending to the needs of our schools, fixing the problems that have stopped multi-family housing supply, and addressing the complexities of our broken health care system.  We must also work hard to keep our community safe and our law enforcement efforts robust.

Key Issues

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